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Re: Update to reimbursement procedure (now: max 3 months after expense)

On 06/10/14 at 09:51 +0000, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Hi Lucas, 
> i am a bit unhappy with that change, i can understand your move though.
> See reason below.
> On Mon Oct 06, 2014 at 10:53:13 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > I also used that opportunity to update the wiki page so that it reads:
> > 
> >   As a general rule, '''no reimbursement requests will be processed if
> >   requested more than three months after the corresponding event'''
> >   (sprint, purchase, etc).
> > 
> >   (diff: "1 year" -> "three months")
> > 
> > Clarifications:
> > - It's three months starting from the time when you can start asking
> >   for reimbursement. For sprints, it's when your travel is completed,
> >   not when you initially bought tickets.  For hardware purchases, I
> >   don't mind if it's when the hardware is delivered or even set up,
> >   if there are doubts about whether it will work, for example.
> FFIS insists in the original paper receipts. Every snail mail letter to
> FFIS costs me 55¢. While this is not much, with your change the number
> of letters i need to send raises for me.
> I tend to mail leader@, auditor@ and ffis immidiatly after the expense,
> but tend to collect the receipts for a while and then send a bunch of
> them to FFIS. Can we keep it that way, even if the time distance
> between two letters to FFIS is like... 6 months or so?

Yes, I agree that this is a case where it make sense to consolidate
reimbursement requests to save on the mailing costs.

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