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Update to reimbursement procedure (now: max 3 months after expense)

(Cced -sprints@ and dsa@, as those groups are the most likely to be
affected by this change)


https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/Reimbursement stated:
  As a general rule, no reimbursement requests will be processed if
  requested more than 1 year after the corresponding event (sprint,
  purchase, etc).

I received a reimbursement request today for expenses made in 2008 and
2011.  I don't think that we (esp. auditor@) have the energy to track
reimbursement requests made so long ago, so I decided to stick to the
above policy, and to reject this request.

I also used that opportunity to update the wiki page so that it reads:

  As a general rule, '''no reimbursement requests will be processed if
  requested more than three months after the corresponding event'''
  (sprint, purchase, etc).

  (diff: "1 year" -> "three months")

- This applies to future expenses, but not to expenses which have
  already been approved. If you are unsure about the status of one
  particular expense, please contact me.
- It's three months starting from the time when you can start asking
  for reimbursement. For sprints, it's when your travel is completed,
  not when you initially bought tickets.  For hardware purchases, I
  don't mind if it's when the hardware is delivered or even set up,
  if there are doubts about whether it will work, for example.
- This remains a general rule, and common sense will be applied: if
  there was a good reason to delay asking for reimbursement, I won't
  blindly reject requests, of course.

As a reminder, the auditors team is still under-staffed. Tasks include:
- improving our overview of Debian's financial status
- working with our TOs to improve procedures (reimbursements, etc)
- improving our donations & fundraising processes and infrastructure
- tracking of other assets (hardware, domain names, etc)
If you are interested, please get in touch!


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