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Re: Updated Debian Ports installation images 2021-09-23


On 9/23/21 22:48, Connor McLaughlan wrote:
> as for ia64 the news tell there is no kernel maintainer anymore and the
> architecture is marked as orphaned, so removal might be coming soon.

Architectures have been in the kernel without a maintainer before, so it's
not really news. arch/sh was without a maintainer for some time but it eventually
got new maintainers again.

> But you would know first of course, as your name is mentioned in the same
> news about it :)
> https://www.heise.de/news/Linux-5-11-Support-fuer-Intel-SGX-neue-Treiber-und-kleinere-Verbesserungen-5051869.html?seite=3

Funny, I didn't actually know that :D. Thanks for digging this up.

> I was just thinking about trying to get one of those fancy ia64
> workstations for added fun...

We have still a number of ia64 machines at SUSE that are being let go
and which I am going to pick up. There are two SGI Prism, for example,
very cool machines.


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