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Re: Updated Debian Ports installation images 2021-09-23

Hello Iggi!

On 9/23/21 15:46, James Bond wrote:
> ok, works till you select a "non default" option in "Select and Install
> software". I selected "Debian desktop environment" it fails. Well after
> finishing the installation manually I also tried mplayer etc and it looks
> like the binary files are not available to apt-get.

It is not possible to provide any help if you're not providing any feedback.

You have most likely run into this issue:

> https://lists.debian.org/debian-sparc/2017/12/msg00060.html

> Debian could be such a nice and actual OS for our retro hardware if we would
> just have a "decent" X driver for the most common graphics cards ffb and
> mach64/radeon. And it looks like not even someone getting paid wants to do it
> (I would love to it but due to a lack of skills I can just be a sponsor).

Paying a professional developer to work on such a driver would probably be much
more expensive than some people throwing in some money. Software development is
expensive and unless you find a hobbyist willing to work on the code, it won't
be easy.

But the Debian package for the sunffb driver will most likely be worked on by Adrian
Bunk as he said he would be looking into it. However, that probably won't happen
before the Debian SPARC porterbox has found a new home.

You know, complaining about these issues is very easy but helping to get them fixed
is much more difficult and just giving someone 50 Euros doesn't magically fix all
these problems.

If you want these issues to be fixed, please consider helping with the work. The first
step to this will be providing useful feedback messages with detailed error messages.
This way, I have a chance to see where the problems are and start working on them.


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