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Re: Updated Debian Ports installation images 2021-09-23

Hi Adrian,

as for ia64 the news tell there is no kernel maintainer anymore and the architecture is marked as orphaned, so removal might be coming soon.

But you would know first of course, as your name is mentioned in the same news about it :)


I was just thinking about trying to get one of those fancy ia64 workstations for added fun...


On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 10:21 PM John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
Hi Connor!

On 9/23/21 22:16, Connor McLaughlan wrote:
> Unfortunately not all software in the repos and on snapshot are available
> or give a bus errors and won't work.
> For example all kde related stuff is not installable due to conflicts and
> missing packages.

It is possible to fix these issues, but for that, we need bug reports.

> I trained a whole year on NetBSD Sparc64 to get everything up and running
> and then transplanted this knowledge to use pkgsrc on debian sparc64.
> It also is by now way working out of the box and needs lots of manual
> intervention, but lets you compile a lot of software with the exception of
> firefox52, thunderbird52, and an older seamonkey. These seem to be too
> optimised to run on NetBSD Sparc64. I'm stuck on bus errors for those while
> they do run on NetBSD sparc64.

Firefox on SPARC is actually maintained by Oracle. So, in principal we should
be able to get it to work and I managed to get it to work in the past.

> Debian sparc64 is an unofficial port and if i am not wrong, i think Adrian
> is almost the only person maintaining it.
> Also sparc is heavy on the decline and no mainstream OS used for desktop
> work anymore. So a lot of the bugs are not reported and visible upstream.
> And debian is one of the last linux distributions even to have a port. Once
> the kernel drops it (just happened to ia64), or Adrian stops supporting, i
> gues it will all be gone and i am forced back to NetBSD.

Not sure where you got the information that ia64 has been dropped from the
kernel sources, it hasn't.

> For now I found my peace in combining debian and pkgsrc. This will lead to
> a somehow complete desktop software collection.

That's ok. But I think it would also help if people started reporting bugs
and help fix them. Bus errors in particular are not that difficult to fix.


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