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Re: Updated Debian Ports installation images 2021-09-23

Hi Connor!

On 9/23/21 22:16, Connor McLaughlan wrote:
> Unfortunately not all software in the repos and on snapshot are available
> or give a bus errors and won't work.
> For example all kde related stuff is not installable due to conflicts and
> missing packages.

It is possible to fix these issues, but for that, we need bug reports.

> I trained a whole year on NetBSD Sparc64 to get everything up and running
> and then transplanted this knowledge to use pkgsrc on debian sparc64.
> It also is by now way working out of the box and needs lots of manual
> intervention, but lets you compile a lot of software with the exception of
> firefox52, thunderbird52, and an older seamonkey. These seem to be too
> optimised to run on NetBSD Sparc64. I'm stuck on bus errors for those while
> they do run on NetBSD sparc64.

Firefox on SPARC is actually maintained by Oracle. So, in principal we should
be able to get it to work and I managed to get it to work in the past.

> Debian sparc64 is an unofficial port and if i am not wrong, i think Adrian
> is almost the only person maintaining it.
> Also sparc is heavy on the decline and no mainstream OS used for desktop
> work anymore. So a lot of the bugs are not reported and visible upstream.
> And debian is one of the last linux distributions even to have a port. Once
> the kernel drops it (just happened to ia64), or Adrian stops supporting, i
> gues it will all be gone and i am forced back to NetBSD.

Not sure where you got the information that ia64 has been dropped from the
kernel sources, it hasn't.

> For now I found my peace in combining debian and pkgsrc. This will lead to
> a somehow complete desktop software collection.

That's ok. But I think it would also help if people started reporting bugs
and help fix them. Bus errors in particular are not that difficult to fix.


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