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Re: xorg video modes question

On 02/14/2013 12:49 AM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
Fred wrote:

Hi Mark,
The /proc/openprom directory exists but is empty.

Make sure you have something like

/dev/openprom   /proc/openprom  openpromfs  defaults  0  0

in your /etc/fstab. Frankly, this is so important that I don't know why it's not set up by default.

Hi Mark,
I added the line to /etc/fstab and rebooted but am having trouble with the command line you gave earlier:

$ cat /proc/openprom/SUNW,ffb@1e,0/width
$ cat /proc/openprom/SUNW,ffb@1e,0/height

ls /proc/openprom

#address-cells    device_type         memory    pci@1f,0
aliases           energystar-v2       model     reset-reason
banner-name       idprom              name      #size-cells
breakpoint-trap   #interrupt-cells    openprom  SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIi@0,0
chosen            interrupt-map       options   virtual-memory
clock-frequency   interrupt-map-mask  packages

ls /proc/openprom/SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIi@0,0

clock-frequency        ecache-line-size       manufacturer#
dcache-associativity   ecache-size            mask#
dcache-line-size       icache-associativity   name
dcache-size            icache-line-size       reg
device_type            icache-size            sparc-version
#dtlb-entries          implementation#        upa-portid
ecache-associativity   #itlb-entries

I don't see anything like ffb@le,0. Maybe an Ultra 5/10 is different. Did you say you were using the Creator video card? I just have the built-in motherboard video. Also, how do the numbers 480 and 384 relate to the video mode?

Best regards,

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