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Re: xorg video modes question

Hi Fred.

> ...

> The monitor is now running at 1280x1024.  I am using the openbox window
> manager.  The display is way bigger that the LCD and when an application
> is minimized the icon goes way off the screen and I can't get it back.

> ...

> Section "Screen"
> 	Identifier	"Default Screen"
> 	Monitor		"Sun-x7205a"
> 	DefaultDepth	16
> 	SubSection	"Display"
> 		Depth	16
> 		Modes	"1280x1024" "1024x768"
> #		Depth	24
> #		Modes	"1280x1024" "1024x768"
> 		Virtual	1280 1024
> #xdm won't run if depth is set to 24
> 	EndSubSection
> EndSection

Just a guess: you're running at less than 1280x1024.

You should check the log file (/var/log/Xorg.0.log). The actual resoulution is 
logged there.



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