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Re: Sparc 6.0.3: multiple Nautilus file manager process after few minutes from fresh install /Ultra 80 running debian

Dirk Dettmann Mailinglisten wrote:
Hello Mark,

Am Freitag, den 16.12.2011, 16:11 +0000 schrieb Mark Morgan Lloyd:
Interesting: I set up Squeeze (KDE variant) on an Ultra-80 for a colleague a few weeks ago and found that running apt-get killed konsole instantly. At that point I reverted to Lenny and promised him a newer version when I'd had a chance to investigate, it works but he finds IceWeasel etc. somewhat dicey.

I tried to run debian on my Ultra 80 for serveral years and versions
(woody,etch, lenny,...) and with every version the box freezes after a
short time (hours not weeks!) and needs a reboot. So it would be nice to
hear from your colleagues experiences with the Ultra 80 running debian.
With Solaris the box is running well.

Etch on a U60 freezes predictably if you either (a) put a break on the serial port (fixed upstream), (b) run xnest (appears fixed in Lenny) or (c) allow IceApe/IceWeasel to pass a document to OpenOffice (appears fixed in Lenny).

I was reluctant to put Lenny on the desktop after a fairly early update broke graphics on systems such as the U1, I think that eventually got fixed but it took a long time.

I've raised various bugs with one project I'm involved with and they've almost all turned out to be alignment issues, typically affecting SPARC, at least some variants of ARM, and sometimes x64.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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