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Re: Sparc 6.0.3: multiple Nautilus file manager process after few minutes from fresh install /Ultra 80 running debian

Hello Mark,

Am Freitag, den 16.12.2011, 16:11 +0000 schrieb Mark Morgan Lloyd:
> Interesting: I set up Squeeze (KDE variant) on an Ultra-80 for a 
> colleague a few weeks ago and found that running apt-get killed konsole 
> instantly. At that point I reverted to Lenny and promised him a newer 
> version when I'd had a chance to investigate, it works but he finds 
> IceWeasel etc. somewhat dicey.

I tried to run debian on my Ultra 80 for serveral years and versions
(woody,etch, lenny,...) and with every version the box freezes after a
short time (hours not weeks!) and needs a reboot. So it would be nice to
hear from your colleagues experiences with the Ultra 80 running debian.
With Solaris the box is running well.


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