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Re: xorg hardware detection - please test

On Saturday 08 July 2006 13:42, Jurij Smakov wrote:

> > One of my U60's has an afb (creator) and ffb (elite).
> Is it a typo? I believe other people have said that afb (SUNW,afb) is
> actually the Elite 3D card.

You're correct, sorry.  afb is Elite, ffb, is Creator.  Both use the sunffb 
xorg driver.

I have a 501-4788 which is a Creator 3D FFB2+, listed in prtconf 
as "SUNW,ffb" .

> > Empirical answers for two U60's:
> >
> >    dual head, one of each card, kernel 2.6.16-1-sparc64-smp, xorg 6.9:
> > okay
> Cool. Could you send me the xorg.conf file for this configuration?

In case anyone else is intererested:


> >        (afbinit hard-locked with 2.6.17-1-sparc64-smp, needed a power
> > cycle)
> Could you please file a bug and try to debug it? At least roughly, which
> call causes it to hang? You are using the latest afbinit (1.0-1.1), right?

I don't really have the experience to debug hard locks.  There were no 
messages to console, just a freeze with a dead keyboard (not even Stop-A 
would work).

The afbinit installed now is 1.0-1.1; this lockup was a few weeks ago.

-- SP

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