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sparc xorg drivers available (was: Re: Xorg 7 on sparc64)

On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Steve Pacenka wrote:

According to David Nusinow of XSF, these drivers need a maintainer.  He lacks
hardware for testing.  Source is in the XSF subversion repository.

I've offered an Ultra 2, which may need memory if my scrounging does not
succeed.  I'm willing to be a tester for drivers of what I keep running in
noncritical roles, which is Creator3D, Elite3D, cg14, and onboard ATI in
U5/10.  I'll try to build the unavailable packages and my own version of the
xserver-xorg-video-ati package using XSF subversion sources.

I've got to talk to David today online, and he was very glad to hear that there is interest in maintaining the sparc drivers. He offered his full cooperation, and I'll probably be getting commit access to the XSF svn repo, so that we can keep these packages in good shape. In the meantime, I've built the source and binary packages for sunbw2, suncg14, suncg3, suncg6, sunffb, sunleo and suntcx, and placed them at


There is a couple of minor patches I had to apply to get them to build correctly, they are available in the patches subdirectory. Steve, it would be great if you could start and maintain a wiki page, tracking the current testing status, since you seem to have access to most hardware :-). I'll try to test what I can (at the moment it's ATI only, but I hope to be able to do better than that in the future).

Best regards,

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