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Re: Xorg 7 on sparc64

On Tuesday 13 June 2006 14:38, Ludovic Courtès wrote:

> Has anybody else tried Xorg 7.0 on an Ultra 5 (or similar) with an ATI
> 3D Rage Pro?  Or am I the only one experiencing problems?  The wiki
> page [0] currently only shows Jurij's success with an ATI board and a
> failure with a Raptor board.
> At least, this proves that I can live without X.  ;-)

I would hesitate to try Xorg 7 from Debian Sparc repositories except when thee 
is no alternative, i.e. bare metal.  Working pre-7 versions have disappeared 
from Testing so there is no easy way to revert if 7.0 is broken.  A definite 
mass breakage is that neither Testing nor Sid contains any of the 
xserver-xorg-video-sun* packages that provide drivers for ffb, tgx, leo, etc.  

A U60 I'm building has no X after a misguided dist-upgrade that wiped out Xorg 
6.9, which was working well.

-- :^( , SP

> Thanks,
> Ludovic.
> [0] http://wiki.debian.org/XorgOnSparc

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