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sparc etch status (was: Re: Xorg 7 on sparc64)

On Sat, 17 Jun 2006, Martin Marques wrote:

Talking of that... is Debian/SPARC gonna make it to etch? I can't run KDE apps without having a hang once in a while (especially kmail (which I don't use anymore) and konqueror). swf is also boken in the latest testing. rapidsvn can't do diffs, but this could be a general problem inglobbing all platforms, and not something particular to SPARC.

It would be great if you could investigate what causes these problems and file bugs, if they are not already filed. Extra points if you can fix them, if it's sparc-specific, in 90% of cases it's some kind of unaligned access issue.

Regarding the chances of sparc getting into etch, I would say that everything pretty much depends on whether 2.6.17 kernel comes out before it's too late (and makes it into etch). According to buildd admins, sparc buildds are running reliably with 2.6.17-rc1 kernel, while they have crashed with earlier versions, creating the main obstacle for inclusion in etch. Also, 2.6.17 is the first upstream kernel which supports the new Sun's Niagara processors, so we would not want to miss out on that also.

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