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Re: Problems with an Ultra 5

Hi Mathieu.

I did try unhooking the keyboard/mouse (noted in my PS at the bottom of the message), that still didn't work. I was also wondering whether the serial console should work on both serial A and serial B on an Ultra 5? They take different cable types as far as I can tell.. serial A is a 25pin female, while serial B is a 9 pin male. Also, do I need to worry about the RS232 versus RS423 jumper setting? Its mentioned in the sun docs, but not mentioned with regards to using the serial console.


Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer wrote:
pml@dtbb.net (Tyler) writes:

I was unable to get a null modem cable working, hooked up to a linux box,
trying both minicom, and uucp's cu... I would really love to get this
option working, does it need to be enabled by a jumper on the mainboard, or
in the OBP settings somewhere?

Unplug your keyboard and the Sun will use the serial console.

Anyone have any OBP documentation?  Suns site seems to want a service
contract for anything useful on their site.

Nope, http://docs.sun.com is your friend.

I did however, get another monitor hooked up that supports the higher
resolution (what a pita that 1024x768 doesn't work), and low and behold,
the system comes to life,

There's an OBP setting to change the default resolution but I can't
remember on top of my head (nevermind, you want to change output-device).

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