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Re: Deb on Sparc Station 5

Hi John.

On Saturday 06 August 2005 23:26, you wrote:
> On Saturday 06 Aug 2005 08:55, Hartwig Atrops wrote:


> > > I'll just say it so someone else doesn't have to, a SparcStation 5 and
> > > an Ultra 5 are muuuuch different animals.
> >
> > That's true. A Sparcstation 5 is a 32 bit machine whith SCSI disks, while
> > a Ultra 5 has a 64 bit CPU (and IDE).
> I was wondering as my research on the Sun's website showed that it was
> round about then that they went to 64bit.
> > The old Sparcstation 5 is a fine (home) server today. My SS5 has a 110
> > MHz CPU and the standard 8 bit graphics. I am still running Debian Woody
> > on it, did not try Sarge yet.
> As I plan to use them in a Beowulf the standard of graphics is not an
> issue.

I agree.

> > The SS5 has a special slot for a true color graphics card. I never have
> > seen one and I do not know if it works with Linux/XFree86. 8 bit colour
> > isn't much fun today.
> >
> > A 450 MB hard drive is not enough for an installation with KDE or Gnome,
> > a small window manager like icewm, flwm ... shoud be possible.
> Will probably not bother with a window manager. I intend to manage them
> from the gateway machine.

In this case, 450 MB hard disk space will be no problem.

> The ss5's don't come with a floppy or CD drive, but I do have a SCSI CD
> burner attached to one of my amd boxes. How do I get round the openboot
> password to tell it to boot from the CD?

External SCSI CD? You can attach it to the SS5. Openboot password? Are you 
shure? I have never seen a machine with an openboot password (I think there 
is an option to have a password - cannot check at the moment). Usually you 
will get the openboot prompt. Type in "boot cdrom" - it will boot from CD 
(drive needs to be jumperd as SCSI ID 6).

> I have got 15 more of these plus a mass storage server coming. The monitors
> are 17" and very good quality. Any one know where I can get a gender bender
> that allows me to use some of them on IBM compatible VGA video cards?

The old Sun monitors are fixed frequency monitors. Bad luck, I would say.



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