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Re: Problems with an Ultra 5

pml@dtbb.net (Tyler) writes:
> I was unable to get a null modem cable working, hooked up to a linux box,
> trying both minicom, and uucp's cu... I would really love to get this
> option working, does it need to be enabled by a jumper on the mainboard, or
> in the OBP settings somewhere? 

Unplug your keyboard and the Sun will use the serial console.

> Anyone have any OBP documentation?  Suns site seems to want a service
> contract for anything useful on their site.

Nope, http://docs.sun.com is your friend.

> I did however, get another monitor hooked up that supports the higher
> resolution (what a pita that 1024x768 doesn't work), and low and behold,
> the system comes to life,

There's an OBP setting to change the default resolution but I can't
remember on top of my head (nevermind, you want to change output-device).

Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer

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