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Re: blade 1000 boot problem

Quoting Tib <tib@tigerknight.org>:

>> You will find that running a 2.6 kernel is _a lot_ of hassle! There's something
>> with the machine/kernel that makes everything work very irradic. I know, my
>> primary server is a SB1k and I've had a lot of strange kernel hangs, krashes
>> etc.. Kernel 2.4 actually worked better, although a lot slower. I finally have
>> a kernel that seems to work.
>> You can find the deb package for the kernel at the URL:
>> ftp://ftp.bayour.com/pub/debian/dists/woody-ol2.2/binary-sparc/Kernel/kernel-image-2.6.12-rc3-sparc64_10.20_sparc.deb
> How do I extract a tftpboot image out of the above listed package?

Hmm, no idea.

> I also
> notice it's 2.6, were you saying that this 2.6 kernel is one that you
> found to work, or that you finally have a 2.4 kernel which appears to
> work?

This is my running 2.6 kernel that works 'resonable' good. It still crashes
etc, but I have a lot better uptime now. And more responsive system.

> So I'm trying to install woody right now from the main debian site instead
> of sarge, so far so good (and thankfully avoiding the pitfall of keyboard
> problems). If the 2.6 kernel is faster, I'd certainly like to try it but I
> think I may wait until I can build my own and get SMP running as well.

Do note that you need a whole bunch of patches (even on the very latest
availible sources!) to get a 2.6 kernel running decent on a Blade 1000!

I can't even remember WHICH patches :(. Can't find my source tree. I think
I removed it accidently! Argh!

Btw, my kernel (above) IS a SMP kernel. You can't seem to compile a 2.6
kernel for SPARCH _without_ SMP (!?!?).

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