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Re: blade 1000 boot problem

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Tib wrote:

> So I'm trying to install woody right now from the main debian site instead
> of sarge, so far so good (and thankfully avoiding the pitfall of keyboard
> problems). If the 2.6 kernel is faster, I'd certainly like to try it but I
> think I may wait until I can build my own and get SMP running as well.

*drumroll please!* It's up! Sarge isn't too friendly with sparcs.. well it
may have been if there were an easier way to fix the keyboard mapping
problem I ran into earlier, but even there the problem appears to be
trying a 2.6 kernel instead of 2.4. Darn.. I was hoping to get the latest
stuff on this box from the getgo. I'll have to do it later by hand.


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