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Re: Ultra2 Booting problem


        Please, the more experienced folks correct me if I'm wrong, but 
the "2" at 2/boot/vmlinuz is the device id. So you must know which is the 
device id for your hd.
        But this is at the silo's boot prompt. It must appear at 
hardware's boot.
        To make it easier to find out, al silo boot prompt, you can use 
commans like cat and ls. Try:

        ls -lt 0/lib
        ls -lt 1/lib

        And so on, until you get a list of files form lib folder. When 
sucessful, you wil know the device id of your vmlinuz (considering the 
/boot partition is the same as /lib). You can try /boot instead of /lib 
        Good luck

Carlos Emir Mantovani Macedo
Suporte Técnico
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"Walt L. Williams" <wwilliams@intergate.com> 
26/11/2004 13:38

"Debian (Sparc) User Group" <debian-sparc@lists.debian.org>

Re: Ultra2 Booting problem

On Friday November 26 2004 6:34 am, Carlos Emir M. Macedo wrote:
>         Walt,
>         I had the same problem a few days ago. There are erros at your
> silo.conf.

Small problem; I am not getting a silo prompt. The prompt I get is: "{0} 
I believe the silo prompt will say "boot". I did the "boot 2/boot/vmlinuz" 
indicated below.  I also tried variations of it, ie:  boot 1/boot/vmlinuz. 
help! The lines below is what I got each time. (The first line is what I
entered at the prompt.)

{0} ok boot 2/boot/vmlinuz
Boot device: /sbus/SUNW, fas@e,8800000/sd@3,0 File and args: boot 2/boot/
The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.
{0} ok

(The "vmlinuz" is on the next line because of Kmail's line wrap.)
Above is what is being displayed on my Untra2's screen.

Is there any other possibilities??

I supose I could provide the contents of my nvram. Would this help?
I haven't bothered it as I am not overly sure what all the commands
do, and I don't want to completely disable this machine. I have been
doing some reading from various web sites on the subject of nvram
settings. There is a boot-file variable. What if I set this to the kernel?

I am open to any ideas, comments, ramblings, and maybe even insults.
I have this machine so I can learn about it. It looks like I going to get 
wish. I will need help. Sun hardware has the reputation of being bullet 

Walt L. Williams

FYI: I downloaded Solaris 10 tried to load only to have the install tell
me that my "UltraSPARC I processors are supported by this release
by the release of Solaris."  Great more wasted CDs.

>         First, you must know where are your vmlinuz files. Here the full
> path is:
>         2/boot/vmlinuz
>         At silo, do:
>         boot 2/boot/vmlinuz
>         It should work.
>         My silo.conf looks like:
> partition=2
> root=/dev/sda2
> timeout=10
> read-only
> default=linux
> image=/vmlinuz
>   label=linux
>   root=/dev/sda2
> #  initrd=/initrd.img
> image=/vmlinuz-2.4
>   label=linuxOK
>   root=/dev/sda2
> image=/vmlinuz-2.6-smp
>   label=linux-2.6-smp
>   root=/dev/sda2
> #  initrd=/initrd.old
> image=/vmlinuz-2.6-1proc
>   label=linux-2.6-1proc
>   root=/dev/sda2
>         The trick is to configure root= in each image.
>         It works for me.
>         Hope it helps.
>         Best Regards,
>         Emir
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