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Ultra2 booting problem solved

Greetings all

Okay this is one of those moments that can make
a person feel rather stupid.

I found a web site that informed me of a command 
called probe-scsi-all. This dislpayed the contents of
my scsi bus. From this I was able to discover that 
my system was attempting to boot the wrong drive.
/dev/sda was on id 0 and sdb was on id 3. Id 3 is 
the drive that the system was trying to boot and
logiacally I installed the root and boot directories in
/dev/sda1. I have now have the drives rearranged
so it will boot the correct drive and thing are working 

I would like to thank everone that gave me some good
suggestions and tips. I hope I can now be in a mode 
where I can ask more intellengent questions in the 

Many thanks
Walt L. Williams

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