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Re: building slrn on sparc

> It's not a 'sparc' system, it's a sparc64 one.

Yet uname used to return 'sparc' on all my sparc64 systems, which seemed
perfectly reasonable given that the userland was all 32-bit.

> If _you_ want 'sparc' by default, you can do this by running "sparc32 bash"
> or whatever shell you use, in that session uname will return 'sparc'.

_I_ don't want to run sparc32 every time I log into a machine.  I don't
want to edit /etc/init.d/ssh on every system to have sparc32 before
start-stop-daemon.  I don't want to touch /etc/disable_64_gcc in every
single chroot on every system.  I tend to forget that one of these is
necessary every once in awhile, and thus I end up with with surprise
64-bit binaries where I don't want them.

What do you recommend?

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