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Re: Cannot see all of harddrive in Ultra 5

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david@davidlist.dk writes:
>I have installed a Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 (80 GB)
>in my Ultra 5 and I cannot get Linux fdisk to see more that about 13.5
>GB of the drive. I am using Debian 3.0_r1.

The bug is in the ide "standard".  Early Ultra-5 systems are older than
the patch to the "standard" to support more than 32gB, and Solaris and
maybe the system firmware of that era treated the disk size as mod 32gB.

ide wasn't designed to be usable in non-disposable systems.  Changes
are made every few years, and old systems don't automaticly upgrade
themselves to compensate.

SCSI had a 1gB limit at one time.  The fix to multiple terabytes
predated disks bigger than 1gB by 5 years or so, but Sun didn't fix
Sunos until it was a problem.

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