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2.4.21 SS20 console problems


After reading the changelogs for the final release version of 2.4.21 and
seeing lots of fixes for sparc, I decided it was time to try upgrading
from the stock debian 2.2.20 kernel on my SS20 SMP box.

The compilation and installation went fine using make-kpkg.  However, I'm
having the following console problems:

After the machine has been up for about 10 minutes, it's no longer
possible to switch between virtual consoles (I noticed this both while the
machine was being used from the console, and while it was not).  Then,
about 5-10 minutes after the first problem, the screen goes blank.  The
machine is still up, but you can't see anything on the console.  The
keyboard still works, as I can do a "shutdown -r now" blindly.

Has anyone else seen problems like this with 2.4.x kernels on similar



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