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On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 22:00, Mike M wrote:
> Is anyone using CUPS to implement a print server on a SPARC?  Is it working 
> well? Any tips, tricks, or documents that can be recommended?  I didn't find 
> much on Google.


I put a cheap OHCI USB 1.1 card in an Ultra10.  It serves up an HP
inkjet nicely via CUPS from unstable.  No unusual config required. 
Stock 2.4.19 kernel.

I failed to get the same printer working via parallel on this box, under
Sarge earlier.

Perhaps a USB-to-Parallel adaptor would work if the printer has no USB

> Is a network printer easier to get working on a SPARC box than a parallel 
> port printer?

Does this mean printing from the SPARC box to the network printer, i.e.
the U5 is a client not a printer server?

My first attempts to print from the U10 using sarge with CUPS were
futile.  The printer was hanging off a borrowed HP jetdirect (ethernet
print server) box.  Several other machines on the LAN could print to the
printer but every job from the U10 went into oblivion.  It could be that
I had my U10's CUPS configured wrong.  This failure is one reason why I
tried to go direct parallel and finally USB with the printer right on
the U10.  I use the U10 as a file, mail, audio, and HTTP server so it's
powered on most of the time, it might as well be a printer server too.

Just got the USB printing working (first attempt) two days ago so I'm
not sure how well this performs under load.

-- good luck, SP

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