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On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 10:00:06PM -0400, Mike M wrote:
> Is anyone using CUPS to implement a print server on a SPARC?  Is it working 
> well? Any tips, tricks, or documents that can be recommended?  I didn't find 
> much on Google.
> I have an Ultra5 that is running very  nicely as a NFS and Samba fileserver, 
> and a CVS repository.
> My Epson parallel port printer is currently hanging off of a W98 machine and 
> I use CUPS clients on my Linux WS to print using the machine.  I'd like to 
> hang the printer off the SPARC fileserver and turn it into a print server as 
> well.
> Is a network printer easier to get working on a SPARC box than a parallel 
> port printer?

Getting parallel port printer working on sparc is hit-or-miss. I had
success with it at one time.

If you get that working, then getting CUPS working is no different than
it would be on x86 or any other architecture. I've done that with a USB
printer, with no troubles at all.

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