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On Tuesday 03 June 2003 09:04, Steve Pacenka wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 22:00, Mike M wrote:
> > Is anyone using CUPS to implement a print server on a SPARC?  Is it
> > working well? Any tips, tricks, or documents that can be recommended?  I
> > didn't find much on Google.
> Mike,
> I put a cheap OHCI USB 1.1 card in an Ultra10.  It serves up an HP
> inkjet nicely via CUPS from unstable.  No unusual config required.
> Stock 2.4.19 kernel.
> I failed to get the same printer working via parallel on this box, under
> Sarge earlier.
> Perhaps a USB-to-Parallel adaptor would work if the printer has no USB
> port.
> > Is a network printer easier to get working on a SPARC box than a parallel
> > port printer?

OR get a printer with USB.  The Epson Color 850 renders l-o-o-o-w quality 
digital images and ink cartridges are $$$ and they clog with long idle 
> Does this mean printing from the SPARC box to the network printer, i.e.
> the U5 is a client not a printer server?

I was wondering if the U5 as a print server was more often setup with a 
printer with a NIC.  I was thinking that's why I didn't Google much on SPARC 
+ parallel + CUPS.  I don't have a printer with a NIC - I was just curious 
since that's how it was done (I think) when I was employed at MegaCorp Inc.
> My first attempts to print from the U10 using sarge with CUPS were
> futile.  The printer was hanging off a borrowed HP jetdirect (ethernet
> print server) box.  Several other machines on the LAN could print to the
> printer but every job from the U10 went into oblivion.  It could be that
> I had my U10's CUPS configured wrong.  This failure is one reason why I
> tried to go direct parallel and finally USB with the printer right on
> the U10.  I use the U10 as a file, mail, audio, and HTTP server so it's
> powered on most of the time, it might as well be a printer server too.
> Just got the USB printing working (first attempt) two days ago so I'm
> not sure how well this performs under load.

Working on 1st attempt is +10
Handling load is d/c in my operation
> -- good luck, SP

Good ideas. Thanks

Mike M.

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