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some problems + recommended kernel for ss20 smp hypersparc


I'm currently running 2.2.20+raid patch on my quad 125MHz hypersparc
SS20. I do have one problem with it : it panics while (or just after)
cleaning /tmp and /var/run if I boot normally from serial console.
It works correctly when I boot with 'console=ttyS1,9600', but I get
no output on ttyS1, which is annoying (I can't see any kernel messages
if anything goes wrong). It is repeatable.
The problem is not the CPUs, because it also occured with 2x Supersparc

Is this a known problem that is solved in later kernels ? Do 2.4.x
kernels run correctly on smp sparc32 ? What is the best kernel to run on
this machine ?


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