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Re: Ultra 5 won't boot from HD after install

I have set up a tftp environment from which I can boot the installation
system on this machine.  What do I need to do to tftp a kernel to this
machine and boot it?  I obviously can't just send a kernel image to the
machine (I tried).  I can boot the tftpboot.img file with no troubles,
but of course that kicks me into the system installer.  I just want to
boot the actual installed system via tftp.

I've found the silotftp.b bootloader and used tftp to get it running,
but it can't seem to access the disk, either.  So it really seems like
I'll need to download the whole kernel.

Of course, even if I manage to do this, who knows if the machine will be
stable or not.  I'm starting to think there might be something wrong
with the PCI bus or the IDE controller.


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