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Ultra 5 won't boot from HD after install

Hi all.  I just installed potato on an Ultra 5 (will upgrade once it's
working, but that's all I had on CD) but the machine doesn't seem to
want to boot from the IDE hard drive.  It had no problem booting the
install CD and the installation seemed to go fine.  No errors were
reported when installing SILO.

Here's the output of my interaction with OpenBoot:
ok boot disk
Boot device: /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ide@3/disk@0,0  File and args:

Can't open boot device

The partition table has a Linux partition first, occupying most of the
disk, followed by swap.  The 3rd partition is the "entire disk" in the
Sun disklable.

The disk in the machine is not the original Sun-supplied disk but is an
old 1.2 gig IDE disk.  The "manual with hardware detected defaults"
option when creating a sun disklabel in fdisk seemed to pick the right
values, according to the label on the disk, and as I said, there was no
sign of problems during the installation of the system or of SILO.

Any suggestions?


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