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Re: sparc64 and ipsec anyone?

> Ben Collins wrote:
> >
> >The problem is specific to any arch where the userspace and kernel run
> >different bitness. Like sparc64, where userland is 32bit (same for
> >ppc64, mips64 and some other arch's atleast for a short time).
> >
> >Ioctl's from userspace have to be translated in this case from 32bit to
> >64bit. Those translations have to be done by someone, and no one has
> >tried it yet.

I'm showing my ignorance here, but I'd really like to know: Is it so bad
to just run a 32 bit kernel on on a sparc64 box?

I know that with the solaris kernel you're actually going to lose
performance in more cases where you'll gain it by booting the 64-bit
kernel. Of course everyone runs the solaris 64-bit kernel on ultrasparc,
and the decreases (if any) aren't likely to be perceptible anyways.

I currently run the 64-bit Linux kernel on my 10 or so ultrasparc boxes
running debian, but am I actually gaining anything? I realize the
instruction set expanded with ultrasparc, so let's for argument's sake
compare 32 and 64-bit kernels compiled with the v9 instruction set on

Sorry if this is something basic that I should know.
Nate Campi   http://www.campin.net 

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