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sparc64 and ipsec anyone?

Hi all,

I try to persuade ipsec(freeswan) to work on my Ultra5, but this seams to be
no easy task. I use the kernel-sources-2.4.18 and kernel-patch-freeswan
(version 1.99-1 from testing) on a Debian 3.0 machine.
I already found a workaround for the compile problem of des_enc.c by setting
the optimizationlevel to zero (-O0) for this file, and now the kernel
However when starting the ipsec server I receive the error message:

ipsec_setup: /usr/lib/ipsec/tncfg: Socket ioctl failed on attach -- Unknown
socket error 45.

I already applied the patch from
http://lists.freeswan.org/pipermail/bugs/2002-March/000207.html but it does
not work for me.

Has anyone of you successfully managed to use ipsec on a sparc64 machine?



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