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Re: sparc64 and ipsec anyone?

Ben Collins wrote:
On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 09:35:03PM +0100, Daniel van Eeden wrote:

Is it an sparc64 only problem or is ipsec also unusable on sparc32?

The problem is specific to any arch where the userspace and kernel run
different bitness. Like sparc64, where userland is 32bit (same for
ppc64, mips64 and some other arch's atleast for a short time).

Ioctl's from userspace have to be translated in this case from 32bit to
64bit. Those translations have to be done by someone, and no one has
tried it yet.

I actually did all of the changes about a year ago, but ran into other
problems (I think DES was broken in some way, or the key wasn't making
it in right).  I didn't have time to debug it further, and  I don't have
the changes anymore.

I may take a look again in the near future, because my firewall is sparc64
(the other option being to try to get 2.5 ipsec working on it), but I
just moved, started a new job, and have way too much stress to work on
it at the moment.

Anyways, you have to write translators for the data structures passed
in the ioctls.  There are some examples in the kernel, it's not too
tricky to do.


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