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Re: sparc64 and ipsec anyone?

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 08:21:42AM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 09:35:03PM +0100, Daniel van Eeden wrote:
> > Is it an sparc64 only problem or is ipsec also unusable on sparc32?
> The problem is specific to any arch where the userspace and kernel run
> different bitness. Like sparc64, where userland is 32bit (same for
> ppc64, mips64 and some other arch's atleast for a short time).
> Ioctl's from userspace have to be translated in this case from 32bit to
> 64bit. Those translations have to be done by someone, and no one has
> tried it yet.

Stupid question: Aren't 64-bit userland binaries supported by the
sun4u kernels?  If so, can't ipsec userland be compiled as a 64-bit

Please enlighten me; I know I don't know all the details.

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