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Re: 2.4.20 doesn't boot (watchdog reset)

The memory and initrd don't seem to be the problem. What about kernel size?

Daniel van Eeden wrote:
SILO boot: linux
Uncompressing image...
PROMLIB: obio_ranges 1
bootmem_init: Scan sp_banks, init_bootmem(spfn[1fa],bpfn[1fa],mlpfn[3faa])
free_bootmem: base [0] size[3faa000]
reserve_bootmem: base[0] size[1fa000]
reserve_bootmem: base[1fa000] size[7f8]
Booting Linux...

Watchdog Reset
Type help for more information

I used kernel-image-2.4.20. The old 2.2 kernel works...
It's a sparcstation4 (sparc32, sun4m)
with two addon boards: a soundcard (CS4231) and a TurboGX framebuffer.
I'm running unstable (aka sid)
I tried a vanilla kernel....also didn't work.

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