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install error on Netra 20 with LOM card

I'm trying to install Debian 3.0 using

it fails right after "Booting Linux..." with
UGH: property for SUNW,lomv was 24, need < 1

So it does not like the LOM card setup in OPB.
Traced the error to arch/sparc64/kernel/ebus.c, but I'm not
sure if the code is the problem (lomv missing in
child_regs_nonstandard() perhaps?). Maybe my OPB setup has a problem.

The full device path is
The "reg" property here is indeed 24 bytes long. So is the one
at the lombus level. The one at ebus level is 120 bytes long.
Not sure what path is used to determine the 1 in the error message.
Any clues?

Also, is there a way I can remove the LOM card from OPB?
I would have to put it back later for the Solaris boot.
Any advice would be appreciated.

	Martin Habets			mhabets@lucent.com

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