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install issues

 Just to let you know a couple snags I came across installing Debian on a
SparcStation 10. At the end of the initial install when it tries to
install SILO (1.2.5), it failed on both the harddrive attempt[1], and the
floppy attempt. I'm guessing because it found /target/boot instead of
 I solved this by booting again off the installation floppies, logged into
a terminal and ran "silo".
 I'll settle with booting off a floppy, I only have one partition on the
3.5G drive, and even after giving the /boot/$kernel and the /vmlinuz
symlink to it a low inode number, it still won't boot off the disk.
 My second issue is using the mirrors. A few years ago I had problems
using all of the Canadian mirrors. Again tonight, I couldn't pull down the
packages and release files from any Canadian mirror, using
ftp.us.debian.org instead. I recommend some monitoring software capable of
transactions on all debian mirrors to ensure a baseline of stability.
 Now on to the applications. majordomo doesn't seem to be available in
apt(to replace this mailing list, I don't want http as a requirement for a
mailing list (mailman)). php is broken. It simply doesn't work after
apt-get php4 (mm error). And I have to convert my firewall/nat rules from
ipf to iptables. This transition isn't as simple as I hoped.



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[1] "Fatal error: Cannot open second stage loader /boot/second.b"
This may be because it's actually /target/boot/second.b at the time.

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