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Re: SILO wasn't able to install

Aha. My disk is 4.3G, and I just made one large root partition for it.
That must be the problem.

I normally do make a small boot partition, but I had some problems when
I did this with the Sparc. For one thing, in the install fdisk I
couldn't find an option to toggle the bootable flag, which I normally do
for my boot partition. Does this not apply in the Debian Sparc install
or what?

Also, after I got the drive partitioned when I tried creating a separate
partition for boot, I got a lot of errors about the system not knowing
where my root partition was supposed to be. Creating just one big
partition seemed to make that problem go away.


On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 17:04, Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:
> On Wed, 15 May 2002, Owen B. Mehegan wrote:
> > I just finished the grueling task of installing Debian on a Sparc IPX over
> > the wire, using a combination of tftp, nfs, and http.
> > Now that the install is done, I choose "make system bootable." Debian tries
> > to install SILO, and fails to do so. Why would this happen?
> What size is your hard disk?  Some sparc PROMs can't boot if the kernel
> is beyond the 1 Gig mark (the rest of the 32-bit sparcs have the same
> problem at 2 Gig).  SILO enforces the 1 Gig limit and will fail if your
> root partition is beyond 1 Gig.  The solution is to make a separate /boot
> partition for holding your kernels (only needs to be 5-10 meg).
> The frustrating part was all the installer tells you is that it failed,
> not why.  And even when I spawned a shell, it took me a while for it to tell
> me what was wrong...
> --Kurt
Owen B. Mehegan (owen@nerdnetworks.org)
"Electricians have all kinds of good horror stories. Did you know that
concrete is a conductor? And that electricity can arc up to one inch per
ten amps? So your typical 200A overhead power line can fry you if you're
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