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Re: SILO wasn't able to install

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 05:00:42PM -0400, Owen B. Mehegan wrote:
> I just finished the grueling task of installing Debian on a Sparc IPX over
> the wire, using a combination of tftp, nfs, and http.
> Now that the install is done, I choose "make system bootable." Debian tries
> to install SILO, and fails to do so. Why would this happen?
> One weird and possibly related thing that happened during the install was
> that it told me my hard drive didn't have a Sun disk label. It's just a
> Seagate SCSI disk that I picked up used at a swapfest. I had to enter all of
> the drive geometry myself, so I wonder if I got something wrong during this
> process. Any suggestions for how I can fix this would be appreciated, since
> I don't really want to have to boot this system with a boot floppy all the
> time.
> Thanks in advance...

How bis is the driver? If it's too large (1 or 2 gigs, depending), you
may be running into a problem where the boot loader is not in the proper
place on the disk (OBP restriction, not a Linux one).

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