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Re: SILO wasn't able to install

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 06:04:30PM -0400, Owen B. Mehegan wrote:
> Aha. My disk is 4.3G, and I just made one large root partition for it.
> That must be the problem.
> I normally do make a small boot partition, but I had some problems when
> I did this with the Sparc. For one thing, in the install fdisk I
> couldn't find an option to toggle the bootable flag, which I normally do
> for my boot partition. Does this not apply in the Debian Sparc install
> or what?
> Also, after I got the drive partitioned when I tried creating a separate
> partition for boot, I got a lot of errors about the system not knowing
> where my root partition was supposed to be. Creating just one big
> partition seemed to make that problem go away.

Create a 1gig root partition, and then separate the rest between /usr
and /home. Alleviates a lot of the headache.

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