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Re: SILO wasn't able to install

On Wed, 15 May 2002, Owen B. Mehegan wrote:

> I just finished the grueling task of installing Debian on a Sparc IPX over
> the wire, using a combination of tftp, nfs, and http.

> Now that the install is done, I choose "make system bootable." Debian tries
> to install SILO, and fails to do so. Why would this happen?

What size is your hard disk?  Some sparc PROMs can't boot if the kernel
is beyond the 1 Gig mark (the rest of the 32-bit sparcs have the same
problem at 2 Gig).  SILO enforces the 1 Gig limit and will fail if your
root partition is beyond 1 Gig.  The solution is to make a separate /boot
partition for holding your kernels (only needs to be 5-10 meg).

The frustrating part was all the installer tells you is that it failed,
not why.  And even when I spawned a shell, it took me a while for it to tell
me what was wrong...


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