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SILO wasn't able to install

I just finished the grueling task of installing Debian on a Sparc IPX over
the wire, using a combination of tftp, nfs, and http.

Now that the install is done, I choose "make system bootable." Debian tries
to install SILO, and fails to do so. Why would this happen?

One weird and possibly related thing that happened during the install was
that it told me my hard drive didn't have a Sun disk label. It's just a
Seagate SCSI disk that I picked up used at a swapfest. I had to enter all of
the drive geometry myself, so I wonder if I got something wrong during this
process. Any suggestions for how I can fix this would be appreciated, since
I don't really want to have to boot this system with a boot floppy all the

Thanks in advance...


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