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Sparc Potato mouse and keyboard setup


    I had used Debian Slink on my Sun Ultra 10 free of problems, but now
I am trying to install the Debian Potato (2.2 r 2)  and i'm having a lot
of trouble to configure my mouse and my keyboard to X enviroment.
    The keyboard works OK out of the X enviroment, but whem the X is
turned on the keyboard seems to change some characters. For example, the
character "c" appear when the ENTER key is pressed. I saw, during the
instalation process, that  a kind of X-Windows filter program is
instaled and a keyboard options screen appear. In fact, I am not sure
about wich keyboard select from that list. Since my keyboard is common
Sun one (QWERTY with nothing special) I have tried the Suns Keyboad
standart options, with no success.
    The mouse problem is more challenger because there are few options
during the instalation process and I already have tryed all of them. Due
to a instalation bug, a had to make the simbolic link from /dev/mouse to
/dev/ttyS0 (I tryed to do it to /dev/ttyS1 too) that it's necessary to
start the X Windows enviroment, and it was OK, no problems. But when the
X Windows is turned on (the graphical screen appears OK) the mouse
pointer does not move. I don't know what to do. This damn mouse worked
OK with Slink for almost two years and this problem is becaming very
boring. My mouse is a Sun mouse, with 3 butons, and it's connected to
keyboard trougthout a rounded conector. The keyboard is connected to
computer trougthout a rounded connector too. I suspect that it is a PS/2
mouse (due to round conector) but I already have selected this options
and things didn't became better. I readed in the Debian.org home page
that there are some bug reports about PS/2 mouses but I couldn't find a
solution to this problem.
    I would really apreciate if anyone could help me. Thanks.
    Best regards,

    Renato Guedes

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