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I'm trying to compile iBCS for kernel v2.2.18 on a sparc32.
My aim is to get SunOS/Solaris emulation to work. 
As I understand, the built in emulation only works on sparc64.
(I tried, but it get segfaults. I have the SunOS/Solaris binaries)
My problem is; iBCS build scripts doesn't seem to do verry much. They
definitely does not install any modules anywhere.
I have supplied the kernel source tree, with a just used configuration
(the kernel works allright). 
My questions are; does it requier extra magic?
Should the "SunOS binary emulation" option be on or off when compileing
the kernel? (I had it on)


/Lars Johansson

Lars M. Johansson                                     +44 (0)7880 633134 

"The UNIX system has a command, nice, which allows a user to voluntarily
 reduce the priority of his process, in order to be nice to other users.
 Nobody ever uses it"
                               A. S. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems

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