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Re: newbie questions

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Lars Hall wrote:

> i have sparcstation5
> i have a solaris 2.6 cd from the factory and i can reinstall it all day
> long (literally) without problems
> i want to install linux and run gnome and or kde

For the record, since people are saying GNOME is broken on debian-sparc (i
dunno, my sparc is an IPX web/cvs server, so if i do start X it's something
light like fvwm2). 

The GNOME people provide (last time i checked) complete Solaris packages. So if
*that's* what you really want, you can get it. I'll tell you right now, Unless
you've got a pretty fast SS5 (one of the 170MHz ones, which i here have buggy
processors) GNOME may be heavier than you want to run (then again, you may be
ok since you have plenty of ram). You may seriously want to consider the
suggestion to just run WMaker ...

I *always* install sparcs by tftp booting them and doing a totally-networked
install. It's just way easier than downloading everything and finding a CD (and
no way am i going to be able to find even one working floppy). so i swear by


Oh yeah, Solaris sux :) unless you've got cycles to burn, debian/sparc is the
way to go ...



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