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Re: nis 3.8-0.1 on axp

In article <Pine.LNX.4.21.0010231800580.11352-100000@higgsino.physik.uni-mainz.de>,
Richard B. Kreckel <Richard.Kreckel@Uni-Mainz.DE> wrote:
>Is anybody else experiencing problems after upgrading to the latest NIS
>security patch?  I did upgrade on a bunch of i386 machines and it worked
>fine.   On an Alpha machine, however, it works only in broadcast-mode! 

No idea. Someone NMUd it for me without my consent. I haven't
tested it.

>PS: Miquel, what is the point in having bind_wait() in /etc/init.d/nis
>    print 10 dots and then a 'timed out' without cleaning anything up
>    afterwards?

What needs to be cleaned up?

>    If it has 'timed out', people don't expect ypbind to
>    be around any more, do they?

I think they do, as Solaris does something similar I heard

>    As it stands, the routine seems to 
>    serve purely the cosmetic need of issuing a warning.

Well, someone filed a bug against the NIS package..

The idea is that in 99% of the cases, a NIS server will respond
within seconds. If it doesn't respond in 10 seconds, the NIS server
is probably down.

The code was just added to be (reasonably) sure that there is
a binding to a NIS server after /etc/init.d/nis has been run

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