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Re: newbie questions

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:30:50 -0500, Lars Hall said:

> i have sparcstation5
>  i have a solaris 2.6 cd from the factory and i can reinstall it all day
>  long (literally) without problems
>  i want to install linux and run gnome and or kde
>  i didnt find an iso image for debian (where can i get one?)  

Try looking here http://cdimage.debian.org/ftp-mirrors.html
make sure you get one from this part of the ftp site.

But the gnome and kde stuff is broken under the sparc distro. (!?) Just use

>  it hangs during the install, usually on the same file (image-magic
>  3.4.xx), the 5th file installed, if i install X.
>  i have two cd's burnt on different burners and they both lock up at this
>  same file. i tried a different cd rom drive and the same thing happens.

mmm Don't know.

>  i've been using linux native partitions, that never get fully built
>  apparently, and i have to remove the old ones to get the new ones to
>  take and go into the install and then it  locks up again at the same
>  file
>  i have a segate 1.0 gig ultrascsi and 2 gig ibm ultra scsi. i've set
>  them both up individually and the same thing happens.
>  i think my hardware is ok because solaris will install.....
>  should i use the sun/sparc native partitions instead of native linux?

Use linux partitions inside a sparc native partition.

>  should i give up and learn solaris?

Not as a workstation.

>  do i need more ram ( i have 64 megs)?  it's kinda slow, i guess.
>  i set my swap file to 128megs -- too big, too small?

Swap = double RAM

>  should i manually set /home /var /usr and /


>  thanks and help!
>  lars hall
I use Debian on my Ultrasparc at work.
Here is a good place for linux/sparc stuff.

Good luck

Randy Reames	      Webmaster 	 Debian User
http://www.unixreview.com     http://sysadminmag.com

Gimp and vi, all I really need.

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