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Problems with /proc

I am trying to build a net boot image for my Sparc 5 clone. I am able to
boot from an image I created with tilo and can get an ash shell, but the
/proc directory is not being populated. I have created a stub /proc
directory in my disk image, and that is in the filesystem, but there is
nothing inside of it. The kernel I built (2.2.17) has CONFIG_PROC_FS=y.

Is something else required for /proc to work? I am trying to make a
firewall/masquerade machine, and the first thing I run (ifconfig) complains
that /proc/net/something doesn't exist, and "ipchains -L" complains that the
kernel is not compatable. Since I believe I did the appropriate configs for
ipchains, I am guessing ipchains is confused by the missing /proc.


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