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Re: newbie questions


On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Lars Hall wrote:

> i have sparcstation5
> i have a solaris 2.6 cd from the factory and i can reinstall it all day
> long (literally) without problems
> i want to install linux and run gnome and or kde
> i didnt find an iso image for debian (where can i get one?)  so i
> downloaded and burnt a redhat 6.2 for sparc iso image to cd on my win98
> pc.

You have to make your own iso image for debian using the
'pseudo-image-kit'.  Check out cdimage.debian.org.  It uses rsync and
other methods to vastly cut down bandwidth by relying upon ftp servers
that already carry all the debian packages rather than making special
servers just to handle the iso images (which are, of course, huge).  It's
almost completely automated though, so it's not that much harder than
downloading an ISO, though practically it probably takes longer (and when 
I'm feeling lazy, I wish for ISO-downloading).  Of course, if you have
net-connectivity on the machine you're installing to, you could just
download base and get all packages over the net; some people swear by
this, though I've always liked the ISO from cd-rom install.

On your specific installation issues with RedHat, I doubt that this would
be the best list for specific non-debian distro-specific problems, but
others might surely try to help.

> them both up individually and the same thing happens.
> i think my hardware is ok because solaris will install.....
> should i use the sun/sparc native partitions instead of native linux?

I would think you'd want to use the ext2 partition type instead of sun as
I'm sure that's supported much more fully.

> should i give up and learn solaris?

I wouldn't unless you specifically want the solaris job skills that might,
in some situations, command higher salary.

> do i need more ram ( i have 64 megs)?  it's kinda slow, i guess.
> i set my swap file to 128megs -- too big, too small?

A swap file as double the amount of ram is generally a good rule of thumb,
so you've chosen well here.  I'm sure you could use more ram, but that's
almost always true.

> should i manually set /home /var /usr and /

You should mount these directories on separate partitions as it makes it
much easier to upgrade and prevents runaway storage from users or log
files bringing the system down (I lost a whole day of research/coding last
week because my departments' sysadmins let an AFS-mounted drive fill up
and somehow as the disk filled up it completely wiped out my open main
code file, necessitating I revert to the previous evening's offsite

> thanks and help!

Hope this helped (I'm new to the Sparc side of Debian myself), so anything
sparc-specific should be taken with a grain of salt...


> lars hall
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