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Re: A pc with XFree 4.0.1 as X terminal for a SparcStation IPC

* Ragga Muffin <ragga@pyxis23.ec.t.kanazawa-u.ac.jp> [001005 01:36]:
> Uhh... if I understood correctly, the clients run on the IPX but
> the server is XF4 under x86 running at 16 bpp.
> This way I see no reason why the display would be limited to 8bpp.
> The setup here is similar, I run colorhungry apps (ER-Mapper, Matlab) 
> remotely on cheap x86 with 32 bpp Xserver with no problems...
> Or am I completely mistaken here (?)

You're correct... he clarified this for me in private email... an
xdpyinfo showed that applications are indeed showing up 16-bit and
that it was windowmaker's icons (and other wm stuff) showing up as
8-bit... but that could be explained by windowmaker only having
8-bit graphical icons (which I'm not sure if this is the case).

So things work, but there's a piece that's not fully explained yet.

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